What Does the Multiple Tooth Replacement Procedure Involve?

  1. Consultation, X-ray, CT Scan and Diagnosis.

If you have lost more than one tooth, for example, three teeth, we would place 2 implants and place a bridge with 3 teeth on top of it.

Dr. Behrens will determine exactly how many implants will be required, which will be assessed at your initial consultation. After taking the necessary x-rays, diagnostics and C.T. scans, Dr. Behrens will provide a detailed treatment plan. Any questions you have about the treatment will be answered at the initial consultation.

  1. The Treatment
  • We will fit titanium implants into your jawbone in the first instance. This is a small surgery performed with a local anaesthetic, but sedation is also available.
  • If we are replacing front teeth, you will have a temporary bridge or denture fitted in the same session. You will never be without a tooth!
  • This is then left to heal between 3 to 6 months.
  • Once the healing is complete, we will make a mold of your teeth and create natural looking porcelain crowns or multiple-unit porcelain bridges in our laboratory and fit the permanent teeth in the place of the temporary teeth.

Implants vs Bridges

Replacing missing teeth requires preparatory work to be carried out by your dentist on your existing adjacent teeth as these will be used as anchors to secure the bridge. This can damage the existing tooth structure and dramatically reduce the tooth’s lifespan.

Dental implants will only benefit existing teeth, by alleviating some of the pressure imposed on existing teeth.

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