Gum Grafting

Gum Grafting

Beautiful teeth need a beautiful frame.

We can create a natural gum line which enhances your smile. Sometimes, having beautiful white teeth is not enough to achieve a beautiful smile. You need a “frame” around your teeth to complete the perfect picture – the gum.

The gum line has to be symmetrical and should run harmoniously scalloped along your teeth, like in this picture.  You may find yourself having “long teeth”, which is gum recession.

At The Behrens Dental Practice, we use a unique technique, which allows us to cover your gum recession. We can use a graft (tissue) from the palate or use man made collagen called MUCOGRAFT (made by Geistlich). Using the new MUCOGRAFT has the benefit of not having a second wound on your palate, meaning less pain and faster healing.

It is also very easy to treat multiple teeth because we have an unlimited supply of MUCOGRAFT which is perfect to treat e.g. all lower front teeth. This is a small surgical intervention, called the “Tunnelling Technique” which does not cause any scaring.

The results are clear:

  • Stronger, healthier gums
  • Realigned teeth
  • A younger look
  • Elimination of long teeth

All treatments are done under a microscope to achieve maximum precision and results.

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Before Gum Grafting

gum before grafting

After Gum Grafting

After Gum Grafting

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