Damon Clear Braces

This modern orthodontic brace system is designed to sit on the outside of your teeth. Since the brackets are transparent, they are hardly visible and widely used for adults and teenagers.

What are the benefits of Clarity™ Braces?

  • Translucent, designed to blend in with your teeth
  • Damon™ braces are trusted and used by orthodontists all over the world
  • Smile all you want, there’s no staining
  • Durable to wear if you participate in sports
  • More than 1 million patients have already been treated with these braces.

How does it work?

Damon braces work like metal braces. Only better, because they blend in with your teeth for a great look. They are the perfect combination of strength and beauty, so you can keep smiling during, and after your treatment.

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