Ana de Castro London

A very long time ago, when I was a child infact, I damaged my front tooth. I lived with this until in my late forties the tooth had to be extracted. It was one of the most traumatic experiences I have ever had, and it had an impact not only on my professional life, but it affected my confidence.
Recently, Dr Behrens completed the implant process of my front tooth and it has made a world of difference! Not only am I smiling more, but I am no longer self-conscious or worried when I speak in public.
It made a world of difference.It was a complicated process as the condition of the bone in my jaw was not optimum. Dr Behrens explained every step and preferred to take time to ensure it was a success, rather than rush the process. I know that the after care is important, and the dental team provided instructions on how to look after my implant. I was very nervous about having the procedure done, but seeing the result, I would encourage anyone who has a similar condition to have the treatment!

Patrick Duffy

I have just completed the treatment for what I can only describe as a teeth and mouth refurbishment. This did take quite a long period as I had to have 3 implants but this was all explained before I started and indeed I was informed of the likely cost also which indeed was correct in the end.
I am not given to false praise in business but I write this only because I am so delighted with the outcome and not due to any incentive or benefit other than for you the reader and possible patient of this practice.
I am Patrick Duffy and Managing Director of Palatial Leisure Limited. As I work with the public I need to make sure my appearance is as good as it gets and one’s teeth is a vital part of that. I am not going to win a beauty pageant but one must do what one can with whatever one has. I decided I would go for the works and the next move was to find the best dentist.
I googled the best 10 dentists in London and in that list was Behrens. Before I got to Behrens I called about 4 others and each of them started by telling me that to make an appointment they needed my card details and the initial fees and charges For top practices it shocked me that the whole thing was about money up front and was quite undignified as I imagined if anyone who is having this amount of work done, that the cost would not be a major issue. However I carried on ringing and when I called Behrens after making the appointment they told me the likely initial cost but no demand for credit card details in advance was made and the whole approach was truly professional.
My entire experience has been nothing short of excellent, carried out in a most professional manner. The entire practice not only appears professional but is modern, pleasant and efficient. The real important thing for me having this amount of work done was I had absolute confidence in Dr Behrens himself as he is truly a perfectionist and more importantly the most capable dentist I have ever encountered.
If you have read this far then please take my word for it if you value your appearance and you need dental work done then this is the best place in London. It is not the cheapest but it certainly is the best, but remember you can never waste money you spend on yourself. If you need me to verify this then my email address is patrick@theplaces.com. Feel free to contact me.
Patrick M S Duffy


I just wanted to thank you very much to look after me during this long and complex process in order to fix my teeth to perfection!
I am more than happy with the outcome and will always recommend you further.
Have a wonderful day

Nadia Torossian

I would like to thank Dr Behrens and his team for sorting out my long standing gum problems and restoring my missing teeth with implants. I can now see a great improvement, can eat anything and my gums feel strong and healthy. I would suggest anyone who has periodontal problems not to hesitate and try this treatment.

Ian Frazer Chelsea London

I have been a patient of Dr Ole Behrens for over five years and have found his skills as a Dental Surgeon to be excellent in every way.

Sarah Reid Chelsea, London

I followed Ole from his previous practice and I am so glad that I did. The high level of dentistry, the comfortable surroundings and the friendliness of all the staff makes this new practice a pleasure to visit. I could not recommend it more highly.

Clement M Brown London

Without question the best dentist I have ever had. I have really been privileged to be one of his patients.

Ralf Graeser London

Dr. Behrens & his team have the extraordinary ability to make even a visit to the dentist a pleasurable experience. His competence & knowledge have always been paired with sophistication, which is now also reflected in his elegant new premises. It is a true pleasure visiting the Behrens Dental Practice.

Mr C Croft London

Dr. Behrens is a highly qualified third-generation dentist. One immediately senses the depth of his knowledge and experience. Whether it is just for a check-up or for some essential treatment, I actually look forward to each visit now because he has my complete confidence.

Tiwi Stewart

I love my teeth so much, I have had really bad teeth since I was 7. Was always embarrassed to smile in photos or laugh loudly. Now my teeth look amazing they look better than I could have imagined, all straight and white. My experience here was fast. I just want to smile all day. Can’t believe I didn’t do it earlier. Thank you, you are truly skilled and a perfectionist. Thank you.

Stephen Daltrey

I am writing to thank you for the fantastic job you have done on designing and fitting the replacement crown on my front tooth.

As you know, I waited 15 years to have the crown replaced as I had not met a dentist I trusted enough to work on it. Having been delighted with all of the perfect dental work you have undertaken with me over the last 12 months I decided to take the plunge and allow you to arrange a new crown.

What a difference, I am absolutely delighted with the result and would like to thank you sincerely for the personal and professional effort I know you put in to ensuring that the crown was ideally matched to my other teeth both in terms of size, shape and colour. Its perfect and no one would know its a crown.

My family and friends have all expressed their admiration and even my children, who are extremely vocal about their dad’s appearance, think its great. Many thanks again for a highly professional job.

Ms Eva Burnette London

This guy is fantastic. OK – so there is nothing pleasant or dignified about dental treatments but Dr. Behrens makes it as painless and relaxed as possible. The practice is bright, clean, and equipped with state-of-the-art technology. They always run on time and the treatments never feel rushed. The team is friendly and competent.
I found Dr. Behrens after an odyssey of private dentists in the UK. I had suffered quite a bit – physically and financially and was very sceptical first. However, I am now a happy, relaxed patient again vs. an anxious, petrified nervous wreck when getting dental treatments.