Why visit the Hygienist?

At The Behrens Dental Practice we recommend you visit the hygienist between 2 and 4 times a year depending on your needs.


  • Avoid bleeding gums & other dental disorders
  • Have beautiful white, polished teeth
  • Ensure an optimal level of cleanliness and bacteria reduction
  • Preventing signs of premature ageing
  • We educate you on how to maintain healthy teeth for life

Why Us?

Our approach is to achieve the highest level of hygiene during your treatment.
Every step of your treatment is carried out under a powerful microscope. This ensures that any tooth deposits are magnified 30 times the actual size, to reach the highest level of cleanliness. This in turn gives the best healing results from any bacterial inflammation.

These are the steps we take to give you an excellent result:

  • We remove any plaque and tartar (“calculus”), by descaling your teeth
  • We give you a smoother feel by polishing your teeth
  • We remove any staining by a sandblasting
  • We give you a deep clean to achieve the smoothest root surface possible (“root surface debridement or “RSD”)
  • We educate you in maintaining excellent oral health for life

If we identify during your hygiene visit a more advanced gum disease condition, otherwise known as “periodontal disease”, we would recommend Duo-Lase™ treatment. This treats bleeding gums and deep pockets with two kinds of lasers, to ensure an optimal level of cleaning and bacteria reduction. Ask our hygienist about this on your next visit.

Also see Duo-Lase™

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