Removes the cause of the disease and stimulates healing, without surgery.

Were you told that:

  • Some or all of your teeth need to be extracted?
  • ​You have bad breath?
  • ​Gum disease can't be treated?
  • ​Your teeth have moved and your gums are bleeding?
  • ​You need gum surgery?
If the answer is 'yes', you will be glad to hear that there is now an alternative for you.
Whether you have been diagnosed with gum disease by your dentist or just realised yourself that your gums are bleeding and your teeth are getting loose, Duo-Lase™ removes the cause of gum disease and stimulates healing.
We save our patients teeth every day with  Duo-Lase™.

Real Stories , Real People

Jon Hussey

'Wow - absolutely ground breaking treatment and first class service. After years of dental problems, especially gum disease, I was referred to a ‘specialist’ periodontist. After extensive poking & prodding I was given the news that I’d have to have 6 teeth removed, sinuses raising(?) under general anaesthetic and have implants. So, apart from running for the hills, I decided to read up on alternative treatment. I found details of the pioneering laser treatment for periodontal gum issues originating in Italy with Behrens offering the treatment here in London. Behrens have been absolutely superb!'

Duo-Lase™ Periodontal Treatment


Our patient had severe gum disease, causing pain and also immense  emotional stress and depression.











Being embarrassed to socialise, she kept mainly to her self.










After finishing the Duo-Lase treatment successfully, she opted for new crowns to enhance her confidence even further.

















What Makes Duo-Lase™ so effective?

The key to treating periodontal disease is to eliminate or significantly reduce the number of certain aggressive bacteria in your gums (pockets) and to stop them from coming back.

Effective and Non-Invasive Duo-Lase™ Assisted Treatment is one way of achieving this result.

After the bacteria in your mouth have been analysed, we use two different lasers over several sessions with the aim to significantly reduce the number of these aggressive bacteria (Photo-Dynamic Pocket Decontamination) so the cause of the disease has been eliminated and we use a second laser for Bio Stimulation, which  gives your cells energy to heal in the most effective way.

The treatment is a true, non-invasive and effective alternative to the traditional method of surgically treating periodontal disease.



So far  99% of our patients who have completed the prescribed treatment, have been successful. It is important to point out that your oral hygiene regime will have to change and we will help you with that. How you maintain and clean your teeth at home plays a major part in the long term success of this treatment. After the treatment is completed, it is recommended that you have a professional cleaning with our hygienists every 3 months.
We will give you your confidence back by saving your teeth, with Duo-Laser Periodontal treatment.

Benefits of Duo-Lase™ Treatment:

  • In the majority of cases, the process is found to be without major discomfort
  • We can save teeth which usually would have to be extracted
  • It’s a long term result which is easy to maintain
  • You will have beautiful healthy teeth and fresh breath again
  • You can socialise with friends and family in confidence

How Duo-Lase™ Treatment Will Save You Money in the Long Term

Our policy at The Behrens Dental Practice is to save the teeth you have by treating the gums that have become infected and regenerating the bone tissue in the mouth.

If you have been diagnosed with periodontal disease and choose to leave your mouth untreated, losing your teeth is inevitable.

When this happens, replacing your natural teeth with implants and dentures will be substantially more expensive than embarking on this treatment whilst your teeth can still be saved.



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