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Close Your Gaps & Have a Harmonious Smile In Just 1 Session! by Dr. Aulak

“Black triangles have been voted as one of the worst complaints by patients, so it’s no surprise that patients are now undertaking treatment to correct these.” Dr. Aulak

Cosmetic dentistry is an upcoming beauty trend that improves the appearance of a person’s teeth (whitening, crowns, veneersimplants, etc.), gums, bite and overall smile appearance. Over the last few years, cosmetic dentistry has become increasingly popular due to advancements in technology and accessibility of treatment

What are black triangles?

Black triangles are areas between the teeth where the gum tissue has eroded away, exposing un-aesthetically pleasing areas. These can trap food and bacteria, which in turn, worsen the black triangles over time.

An example of black triangle closure is included on the right, these images showcase results achieved with no drilling or healthy tooth tissue being removed.

How are black triangles formed?

Unfortunately even the most well kept mouth can suffer from black triangles. Patients can inherit a thin type of gum tissue, which can wear away over time and show these black triangles. Other causes are braces, which move teeth and expose the necks of the teeth, a common risk factor, or gum disease known as Periodontitis can also damage the gum surrounding the teeth and expose the teeth with large gaps showing.

What can I do to remove these black triangles?

The options to correct these triangles range from surgery to lift the gum up, which is not suitable for all cases, to more simple restorative techniques. We at The Behrens Dental practice are fortunate to have Dr. Aulak, an award winning cosmetic dentist who specialises in improving patient aesthetics without any surgery, drilling or anaesthetic injections.

Dr. Aulak uses a specific technique that involves a tailor made system to close black triangles. The minimally invasive technique involves adding tooth coloured material in the gaps that match the exact shade of your teeth. Through meticulous layering, shaping and then polishing, the results reduce any black triangles. The average black triangle can be closed in a single sitting but involves a detailed eye.

What are the advantages of closing my black triangles?

  • Reduce food packing in open areas
  • Reduce bacteria and calculus in open areas
  • Reduce decay from build up of bacteria and calculus in areas
  • Reduce sensitivity in areas due to exposed root surfaces after periodontal treatment


Prices vary from around £220 per triangle.